Christian parents suing school for letting boy wear dress spend every Sunday listening to man in a dress

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A Christian couple who are suing a school after they let a 6-year-old boy attend school in a dress decided to take legal action on Sunday morning while listening to a man in a dress.

The God-loving couple said they were taking their two boys out of the school because boys wearing dresses went against their Christian beliefs.

The boys’ mother told us, “It’s just not natural, boys should be in shorts, playing football and doing boy things – not gaining an education in the type of clothing I find it difficult to think about.

“We searched our consciences and realised on Sunday morning while listening to a grown man in a dress lecture us on morals, that our only choice was to take legal action against the school.

“What else could we possibly do? God sent us men in dresses to explain the world around us, and if we’ve learned nothing from them it’s that boys in dresses are an abomination.

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“It’s hard enough explaining to a child that we’re all sinners because a woman made from a rib ate an apple at the suggestion of a talking snake, without having to explain to them that some boys feel like they’ve got a girl brain.”

We asked a six-year-old from the school how he felt about the controversy, and how he was dealing with being at the centre of a gender-related debate that had gripped a nation desperate to save the next generation of children from a lifetime of gender confusion.

He told us, “Is it playtime yet?”