Scruffy man f*cking his aunt on a boat is most romantic thing ever, say millions of women

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Female Game of Thrones viewers have taken to social media en masse to celebrate a moody northerner shagging his father’s sister.

Yesterday’s feature-length season finale culminated in the physical union of Daenerys Targaryen and her nephew Jon Snow. The relationship was narrated to viewers as the characters had sex but somehow this hasn’t stopped avid fans from clapping their hands in glee and wiping away joyful tears.

Game of Thrones superfan Amanda “Stormborn” Tinnock, who runs the “Dragonwolf Groupies” Facebook group, explained that the coupling of Snow and Targaryen had been a source of fan fiction for so long, no one was going to let a little incest spoil their delight.

“Finally, after all their suffering, those two get a break. I’m so happy. Me and my friends have been making reaction gifs all through the night in the hope they get picked up by Buzzfeed. And you can’t judge Westeros by our standards. Jaime Lannister does his sister and tried to kill a child. And he’s a good guy, right?”

Not all viewers found the event a cause for celebration. Ms Tinnock’s partner, Simon Williams, explained that he was not so understanding of the different morals in George RR Martin’s fictional world.

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“So some stroppy hipster barebacking his auntie, while her dwarf servant listens on, is so romantic it makes her cry? But when I said her older sister looked good in a bikini, I got a month-long strop. Fuck those sick bastards. I’m with the ice zombies.”