Hurricane Trump continues to cause devastation

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Hurricane Trump is continuing to wreak chaos and devastation in the US.

Beginning seven months ago, Hurricane Trump is fuelled by an enormous amount of hot air gathered in one place.

It is causing unprecedented damage to livelihoods and business across America, and the psychological damage to the country as a whole may not be known for years to come.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Simon Williams, a professor in chaos and devastation at Princeton University.

“We’ve seen huge swells of bigotry, and although that’s not entirely unexpected with this kind of storm, it is unusual to see them turned into sustained bouts of racism – I certainly can’t think of a time when that’s grown into outright Nazi-sympathy.”

There are also concerns about the consequences a storm of this magnitude can have on climate as a whole.

“Oh sure, we’re seeing activity from Hurricane Trump that could prove disastrous to the world’s climate and we will likely see an increase in catastrophic storms in the future.

“And these may not be metaphoric like Hurricane Trump, but literal like Storm Harvey.”

With heavy bursts of incompetence, idiocy, and sexual harassment, it is clear that this is the worst storm to hit the US in living memory.

Advice to Americans is clear, with officials explaining, “Where possible stay with families out of the range of Hurricane Trump – Europe or Canada, perhaps. Although, frankly, building a little raft and sailing out into the ocean might be preferable to dealing with this storm.

“Otherwise, stay indoors, stay off Twitter, and let’s just all hope the Hurricane Trump blows itself out in a few months.”