SNP demands ‘fair share’ of England’s Bank Holidays

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Nicola Sturgeon has blamed Westminster for England and Wales getting a Bank Holiday whilst Scots go to work today.

Addressing a political meeting in Oban, Sturgeon said that Westminster had unfairly stolen holidays that should by rights belong to Scotland, and insisted that at least 50% of all English holidays should be returned to Scotland immediately.

“We’ve all seen pictures of people cavorting on Brighton beach in sunny Bank Holiday weather, and I say it is deeply unfair that Scottish people cannot be doing the same in Aberdeen or Achnahaird,” she said.

“Holidays are a naturally Scottish resource, that have been taken from us for years by underhand means by greedy London politicians.

“An independent Scotland would be able to have all the holidays it wanted, whenever it liked, free of the yokes of Westminster forcing us to work whilst they cavort at our expense.”

When told that Scottish holidays are set by Holyrood, Sturgeon said that ‘wasn’t important right now’.

However, commenters doubt whether Sturgeon’s demands for fairness will sway undecided Scottish voters.

“Have you seen the weather out there today?” One said to us.

“The only way I’m going to the beach is if I can take a three-bar fire and a telly as well.”