Hurricane Harvey declares President Trump a disaster

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Hurricane Harvey has declared that President Trump is a disaster likely to cause massive amounts of damage to everyone caught in his path.

The category 4 storm took time out of lashing the Texas coastline to advise citizens to board up their homes and flee to Canada until the Trump presidency is over.

“President Trump is the biggest man-made disaster to hit the country for many many years,” said Harvey.

“If the Trump presidency continues on its current path it will leave a huge trail of devastation and damage to the environment much worse than anything I can conjure up.

“We can’t say for sure how long President Trump will last,” continued Harvey.

“It could be as long as 4 years, or at least as long as it takes him to plunge the world into nuclear war.

“I’d advise all sensible people to leave their homes and come back when it’s all over, if they’ve even got homes to return to that is.”

Forecasters say that the long-range forecast doesn’t look good with only a slight chance of impeachment on the horizon.

President Trump has attacked Hurricane Harvey and denied that there is any chance of this Presidency ending with impeachment.

“That’s fake news,” said Trump.

“There’s no way I’ll be impeached. But if I was impeached let me tell you it would the best impeachment ever. A really great impeachment, the best.”