White supremacy advocated by least impressive whites

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White supremacists are generally the kind of white people least likely to convince anyone of their supposed superiority, it has emerged.

“The pseudoscience of inherent racial characteristics has been thoroughly discredited,” said Professor Simon Williams of the University of Somewhere Posh.

“However, just supposing it hadn’t been. In that case, one might be struck by the paradox that white people still have most of the wealth and power in the world and yet the ones shouting the exact opposite are angry simpletons with misaligned eyes, poor personal hygiene and no GCSEs.”

White supremacists have been quick to voice their disagreement with Professor Williams’ assertion

“The glorious white race will rise to claim its destiny!” bellowed Nigel Walker, an unemployed 25-year-old oxygen scavenger from Wolverhampton.

“And I’ll be back to make my stand against political correctness shortly, but my mom’s calling me in for tea, then I have to spend a couple of hours writing DIE U FAT BICH on the Facebook threads of insecure teenage girls.

“Jews will not replace us!”

David Levi, a Jew, added, “Wolverhampton? Nah, you’re right mate, you can have it.”