You can’t put a price on sovereignty, say people who won’t live long enough to pay for it

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Leaving the EU is all about British sovereignty and mere economics should have nothing to do with it, according to various elderly UKIP supporters living off final salary pensions in large houses in the Home Counties.

“They say people didn’t vote Leave to be poorer,” said retired RAF Squadron Leader Simon Montagu-Williams from Berkshire.

“Well I did, or rather it was a secondary matter. This is all about our proud island nation refusing to bow the knee to Johnny Foreigner.

“Now, once again, we will be able to have bendy bananas, free from the diktats of some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels.

“Or is it straight ones, I forget? Anyway, that’s the real point, not whether or not some people can actually afford to buy them.”

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Sovereignty has recently become a popular concept among millions of Britons, about 5% whom can both spell it and understand it. Williams said that too many youngsters today don’t realise what it really means.

He explained, “If you’d lived through the Blitz, like I would have done if I had been born ten years earlier, you might have learned.

“There wasn’t any of this namby-pamby NHS around then, you know. Anyway, so what if there is a 30-year downturn, eventually we will come out of it all the better for it.

“Yes, I’m unlikely to be around to endure any of that interim awfulness. So what?”

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