I did not have parental relations with Donald Trump Jr, insists Donald Trump Sr

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President Trump has strenuously denied any relationship with Donald Trump Jr, in an effort to distance himself from the unfolding Russian scandal.

Following the release of a sensitive and equally damning email trail by Donald Trump Jr, Donald Trump Sr has denied knowing the young businessman, saying that the similarity in names is purely coincidental.

“I did not have a parental relationship with that man!” he firmly told reporters, “This is fake news, and he is lying if he says otherwise.

“I’ve never met him, I don’t know who he is or anything. Well, I may have met him once or twice, but I definitely was not his parent or business partner. Nope.”

When pressed for his thoughts on what should happen to the traitorous individual he immediately responded saying “Straight to jail for a long time. Yes sir.

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“Anyone who colludes with the Russians to influence our democratic process deserves to go down for a long time.”

President Trump’s other alleged children had nothing to say to the press about the revelation, for fear that they too might be cut out of daddy’s will.

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