Male shaving advert banned over lingering shots of man’s ball-bag

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An advert for male shaving products has been banned after causing a majority of people to throw up.

The Manfresh advert for initimate-shaving razors featured men wearing thongs, swimwear and bending over while sucking their fingers.

Broadcast first on ITV, it also included attractive men dancing together playfully, followed by lingering shots of wrinkled scrotal flesh.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) agreed the advert was in clear breach of industry guidelines and “was likely to put people off their evening meals”.

The ASA received over 1700 complaints from uptight men who claimed the ad portrayed them in an overly sexualised way, but were told to ‘lighten the fuck up’ and ‘get over themselves’.

Simon Williams, CEO of Williams & Dwight – the brand that owns ManFresh, said, “The target audience was 18 to 34-year-old metropolitan males who are preoccupied with having a smooth mankini line.”

Meanwhile, a similar advert for sister company Femfresh, featuring a woman shaving her minge will be broadcast after the watershed.