Donald Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin to complete annual appraisal

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Donald Trump is to meet with Vladimir Putin on Monday to complete his annual appraisal.

In line with international HR expectations regarding an employee and his boss, Trump is expected to complete an appraisal annually with the Russian president, which will involve reviewing the past year and setting achievable objectives for the forthcoming year.

Human Resources expert Simon Williams explained why the appraisal process is important to any working relationship, telling us, “Having a job with such power and responsibility has not been easy for President Trump, and as such it is crucial for him to meet with his line manager Vladimir Putin on a regular basis to assess how he’s getting on.

“We would anticipate Putin congratulating him the aspects of his job in which he has performed well, such as his travel ban, his repeated anti-EU rhetoric, and the attempted interruption of any Russian investigation by US authorities.

“But he will also pull him up in areas where he has made mistakes, such as bombing Syria without asking Putin’s permission first or failing to disband NATO.

“Then they will draw up some objectives for the coming year, print out their forms for their secret files out of reach of the FBI and then go back to their separate countries.”

White House aide Eleanor Gay disagreed that the process would be that complex, telling us “If their secret phone calls are anything to go by it will be one quick sweaty sexually dominant act by Putin on Trump and then back to work.”