Dave Grohl slams Jeremy Corbyn as Foo sympathiser

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Following Jeremy Corbyn’s triumphant Glastonbury appearance on the same stage as the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has revealed that the Labour leader has secret links to the Foo and even sympathises with them.

Grohl, who says that he will “Never surrender” to the Foo, released secret documents that show that Corbyn:

  • MET Foo leaders in secret in the late 1990s when Foo fighting was at its peak.
  • SYMPATHISES with the Foo.
  • REFUSES to condemn the Foo’s actions, instead labelling them merely “regrettable”.

Conservative spokesman Simon Williams denounced the Labour leader, saying, “He has the temerity to share a stage with those brave Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl and the other three or four, and all the while he supports the Foo?

“Let us not forget that Dave Grohl injured himself two years ago whilst Foo fighting for all of us.”

Corbyn responded by saying that he “Honoured our brave Foo fighting heroes”, but that the war on Foo had failed.

“It is time to open up meaningful talks with the Foo that bring about a peaceful resolution for Foo and Foo Fighters alike”.

Williams responded, saying that, “A Conservative government will never negotiate with Foo”, prompting a war of words with Labour’s John McDonnell, who stated that under seven years of Conservative austerity the Foo fighting budget had fallen by 11% in real terms.

Tony Blair took the opportunity to distance himself from Corbyn, saying that under his leadership Labour was “Tough on Foo, tough on the causes of Foo”.

Corbyn then ignited further controversy at Glastonbury when he refused to bow to Queens of the Stone Age.