Ed Sheeran still going

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Ed Sheeran’s Glastonbury set still hasn’t finished.

Gazing out over an almost-empty, muddy field, Ed has just tried to get an audience of circling seagulls and a few bored litter-pickers to clap along to another chorus of Sing before shouting ‘Yeah!” and segueing into an extended solo riffing on Thinking Out Loud.

Pausing between jangly, acoustic chords to point out over a deserted plain reminiscent of the wasted heath before the Black Gate of Mordor covered with empty plastic bottles and deserted tents, Ed added ‘Woo!” before kicking off yet another encore.

“You guys are great!” he shouted to next to nobody. “Here’s one you might not have heard in a few hours – I call it Photograph.

To the delight of assembled security guards, Ed has also announced he’s got loads of unreleased material that he just can’t wait to try out on you guys.

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Experts have this morning issued dire predictions that Ed may well simply never stop, ever.

“In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only Shape of You“, we were told.