It’s still hot, confirms great Facebook weather sage

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A great and powerful sage of weather has used to Facebook to confirm to friends and associates that it is still hot.

Brighton man Simon Williams posted earlier this morning – ‘It’s still really hot’ – allaying any potential confusion about the weather amongst his Facebook friends.

“Yeah, good to know, really good to know,” said a friend of Mr Williams.

“I mean, during the night, my boyfriend nearly drowned in the pool of my sweat that developed within seconds of going to bed, I drank more cold water than an eighties raver, and became an an all-you-can-eat buffet for the cornucopia of creatures that flew in through the open windows.

“So, naturally, I had no idea how hot it was and am hugely grateful to Si for clarifying that for me.”

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Mr Williams claims no special techniques for divining the nature of the weather.

“No, no, there’s no special trick to it,” he confirmed.

“No, I just, sort of, see how I feel, and if I feel hot then I’m pretty sure that it’s hot and so I post it on Facebook.

“I only post it as a, sort of, update, but, you know, if it helps people, then that’s good too.”

It is assumed that all friends and associates of Mr Williams will be up early tomorrow awaiting the great prognosticator’s verdict on whether or not the hot weather has continued.