Nigel Farage embraces ‘gangsta’ lifestyle after being named in FBI investigation

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Nigel Farage is today revelling in his status as a person of interest to the FBI and has wholeheartedly embraced the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle.

The former UKIP leader has merely been named in an investigation into Donald Trump’s links to Russia, but is keen to portray the incident as proof of him being a tough guy who is not to be messed with out on the mean streets.

“Nigel seems to think he’s the Godfather now,” revealed close friend Dr Paul Nuttall.

“He’s started to wear gangsta hats, keeps telling people to kiss his ring and wants to make a rap album with Jay Z.”

Nuttall added, “Nigel claims that despite being under intense pressure for hours he wouldn’t tell the Feds anything.”

However, the FBI painted a rather different picture of an interview with Mr Farage.

Special Agent Simon Williams commented: “It quickly became apparent that referring to Mr Farage as a ‘person of interest’ was a misnomer to say the least.

“He wouldn’t stop talking, mostly about himself, such a boring guy.

“Mr Farage was so thrilled to be with us he even offered a $100 bribe if we put him on the Most Wanted list for 24 hours.

“But the only person he’s of interest to is himself.”