TV election coverage biased against those who ‘don’t give a toss’ says Ofcom

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After a series of complaints from the apathetic, uninterested and disenfranchised, Ofcom has ruled that TV coverage of the election has been unfairly biased against those who “couldn’t give a toss” about it.

“Everyday across all channels there are news reports, analysis and opinions on the General Election campaigns,” Ofcom said in a statement.

“Then there are debates, special programmes, party election broadcasts and coverage on programmes not usually associated with politics.

“This is clearly unfair to the large number of people who don’t want to vote and simply don’t give a toss about the election.”

Simon Williams, a non-voter, reacted positively to the ruling.

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“I’ve been subjected to this for weeks now – it’s ridiculous.

“If I want to stick my head in the sand and only watch TV for banal, bland, non-thought provoking escapism that’s my business.

“Then they stick Theresa May on The One Show. It’s a disgrace.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said that it would challenge the ruling by pointing out that it had given high profile coverage to Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

“That’s not the election – and you couldn’t get a less newsworthy story. Talk about banal.”

The spokesperson then added that plans for the party leaders to read their manifestos on CBeebies Bedtime Stories had been shelved.

It is understood that ITV will argue that other than at election time its entire output is “banal and of no worth” and biased against “anybody with half a brain”.

Williams went on to say, “Then you turn off the telly and go on to social media and it’s full of liberal celebrities telling me to vote.

“It shouldn’t be allowed – it’s plain offensive to people like me.”