Saudi Arabia criticises Donald Trump over his treatment of women

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The government of Saudi Arabia has rebuked visiting US president Donald Trump for the way he treats women.

It has been confirmed that a private meeting was held between three Saudi princes and Mr Trump, where the guest was diplomatically admonished for some of his more outlandish behaviour.

The hosts were said to be concerned about the allegations of misogyny which have regularly been levelled against Mr Trump.

Saudi government spokesman Simon Williams said: “We are a nation which does not allow women to drive, use public swimming pools or wear immodest clothes.

“We restrict women’s choice of study, fields of profession, access to courts and political speech.

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“We do not even allow women to go out without a male guardian.

“Under our regime, women are most definitely second-class citizens.

“But this Trump guy? ‘Grab ’em by the pussy?’ There’s something properly wrong with the dude.”