Tories to allow day off work to leave elderly relative on mountain-top for vultures

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The Conservative Party has today made a manifesto pledge to guarantee workers one day off work each year in order to drag a sick or elderly relative to a mountain-top to be eaten alive by vultures.

Simon Williams, a spokesman for the party said, “More and more workers are having to care for ageing parents, and employers are putting pressure on them not to take time off work.

“But with this manifesto promise, Britain’s workers will not have to risk losing their jobs for disposing of a relative they could no longer afford to feed, keep warm or buy medication for.

“This pledge guarantees them time off work to provide end-of-life care for a relative by enshrining in law their right to a full 24 hours to drag their loved one’s still living body up a mountainside to be consumed by scavengers.

“This pledge also demonstrates our commitment to protecting endangered species, i.e. vultures.”

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The spokesman added, “This day off will of course be unpaid. We can’t expect employers or the state to shoulder that burden.”