‘Does this mean Nigel Farage will finally f*ck off?’ asks hopeful British public

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With Article 50 finally triggered, there is only one question on the lips of everyone in Britain – ‘Does this mean that Nigel Farage will finally f*ck off’.

There had been speculation that Mr Farage would f*ck off last year immediately after the referendum result was announced, but it seemed he still had some crucial work to do being insufferably smug on as many current affairs programmes as humanly possible.

But with the actual process of leaving the EU now underway, many believe that the time is right for Nigel Farage to finally f*ck the f*ck off.

“Surely he’ll f*ck off now,” said Simon Williams, a student with mixed feelings toward Brexit.

“I mean, in the space of a year my life prospects have gone from not too bad to completely in the toilet, but the one saving grace I thought would come out of this Brexit debacle would be that Nigel Farage would f*ck so far off he could never return.”

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According to a recent study, Mr Williams is not alone, with many people assuming Nigel Farage would have f*cked off by now, and some 7% of people who voted for Brexit admitting they only did so because they thought it would actually make Nigel Farage f*ck off.

However, with no immediate signs of f*cking off, it almost seems that Mr Farage is indifferent to the concerns of the British people providing his career goes from strength to strength.