Tyrannically oppressive EU laws actually OK now we’ve copied them, insists Brexiter

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EU laws that were oppressive and harmful to UK interests are now perfectly acceptable because they’ve been copied onto British government headed paper, according to Brexit supporters today.

With the Great Repeal Bill taking all EU laws and making them UK laws, leading Brexiters have confirmed that rules which seemed bad yesterday suddenly seem ok.

As one explained, “Nothing has the ability to transform harmful authoritarian laws into lovely British patriotic laws quite like the power of CTR+C and CTR+V.

“Sure, the words are exactly the same, but they were copied by a Brit, and that is the important bit.

“Copying always makes everything better. Like when the swot at school did the original work, he was just a nerd in need of a good bullying; but when I copied it and handed it in first I was top of the class and suddenly brilliant. This is very much the same.”

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Another told us that simply knowing a British person was behind the law made it seem “less foreign”.

They clarified, “It’s like the Muslims who live up the road, I can’t name anything specific about them that is doing me any harm whatsoever – I just want rid of them.

“But if you swapped them for a white family who behaved in exactly the same way, I’d suddenly be delighted to have them as neighbours.”