Twenty million terrorists on brink of starvation, claims Trump regime

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Millions of radicalised African children are about to starve to death in a victory for Donald Trump’s America First policy.

In what is seen as a boost for Western security, emaciated infants are already dying in their hundreds in countries on Donald Trump’s travel shit-list.

The youngsters are thought to be so extreme that even Bob Geldof can’t be arsed to save them.

Trump advisor, Chuck Williams, said, “The only thing stopping these violent jihadis boarding a flight to the US are guaranteed meal times and access to clean drinking water.

“Oh – and a functional airport.

“The job is far from done, though, because if you look at these kids, some of them seem quite fat.

“Fussy eaters.”

Meanwhile, in Yemen, bombs supplied by the British have successfully targeted vending machines used by thirsty Muslims, leading to a country-wide Pepsi Max drought.

Famine expert, John Goodier, added, “The world is facing its biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945 due to a shortage of humanitarians.”