Jeremy Corbyn tells Arsene Wenger ‘the real fight starts now’

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has sent a message of support to beleaguered Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger following the Gunners humiliating exit from Europe last night.

“I know from experience that the decision to leave Europe is only the start of the process,” said Corbyn.

“When people see the result from last night they will probably assume that Arsenal’s attempts to stay in Europe have been utterly spineless, but of course, it’s once you have been taken out of Europe in such an abject fashion that the real fight starts.

“It’s the terms of the defeat that must now be fought for,” continued Arsenal fan Corbyn.

“Perhaps an appeal to the House of Lords would be in order.

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“I believe there will be wide cross-party support for an appeal against Koscielny’s red card and I’m sure at least a couple of their goals were offside.

“By starting the real fight now Arsene could easily get the result down to about 6 or 7-2, and against Bayern Munich, that’s not a bad result at all.”

Meanwhile, several ex-Arsenal players have said it is time for Arsene Wenger to leave the club while his legacy remains intact.

However, it is widely believed that Wenger will stay on as manager for as long as possible just to piss off Piers Morgan.

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