Nigel Farage calls for end to club he wasn’t allowed to join

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Nigel Farage has insisted it is time to get rid of the House of Lords, now that it looks unlikely he’ll ever be offered a seat in it.

On his LBC radio show, the former UKIP leader said it was time to finally rid ourselves of the upper house after it made a decision he didn’t like, and refused to let him have a sit down on the plush leather they all seem to enjoy.

“The House of Lords is an antiquated organisation from yesteryear that no longer gives the British people what they need,” he told listeners.

“I mean, what they want is for me to be allowed in, but they haven’t been able to get that, so the next best thing is to burn it all down the ground.

“People will say that I want to set fire to anything that doesn’t do as I want, but I would say that is rubbish.

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“I am also happy to crush it under a well-polished jackboot.”

Voters have backed Farage’s calls for an end to the House of Lords.

“We don’t need the checks and balances the Lords provides because the people have spoken. We won, you lost, and you need to get over it,” explained one.

However, another told us, “Personally, I’d have given Farage seat in the Lords, but then I would make sure his security pass never worked so he could never actually get in.

“Put a public webcam on the security desk and watch the hits roll in. I bet people would pay very good money to watch him explode on a daily basis.”