Theresa May handed lesson in basic human decency by backstabbing Tory shitbag

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Theresa May has received a lesson in basic human decency from a man who views Judas Iscariot as a positive role model.

Former Education Secretary, Michael Gove, called on the PM to guarantee the right to remain of the three million EU citizens currently looking after your elderly relatives.

Gove was speaking on his regular morning trip to a nearby abattoir, where he likes to have a go on the thing that stuns young calves.

The conniving Tory shit-bag said,  “We have a moral duty to those from the godforsaken hellhole that is mainland Europe who have made their homes in the UK – including the four Polish boys working on my kitchen extension.

“Only then can we ensure reciprocal rights for Brits working abroad and guarantee the job gets finished on time and within budget.”

Expert, Simon Williams, said, “The Prime Minister is now taking moral cues  from a backstabbing, sinister ventriloquist’s dummy, like the ones whose eyes spring open when you put them back in their case.”

Meanwhile, other mainly racist fuckers urged May to ignore advice from a man who helped make Sterling weaker than one of his arguments.

Today Theresa May hit back at Gove, inviting EU citizens who can’t sleep for fear of deportation to try Herbal Nytol.