Making unsubstantiated unattributed claims without evidence is fine when I do it, insists Donald Trump

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Just days after criticising the press for using anonymous sources in stories he doesn’t like, the President of the United States has said making such claims is perfectly ok when he does it.

After explaining that Barack Obama definitely tapped his phone during the election campaign, the President declined to provide the source of the information or any corroborating evidence, insisting he doesn’t need to because he is the President.

“If you want to criticise the President in the press, you should use named sources, list all your evidence clearly, and provide the phone and social security numbers of those people who can vouch for the veracity of those claims,” explained White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“However, if the President wants to accuse someone of something – anything at all – he can do so with impunity.

“He doesn’t need to provide names of sources or any evidence, obviously.  He’s a bit like the Pope in that respect; infallibility is the watchword in this week’s White House.

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“The sooner you all realise this is how the world works now, the better off we’ll all be.”

Voters in the States have welcomed Trump’s approach to delivering news based on nothing more than the mood he’s in when he wakes up.

Utah resident Chuck Williams told us, “I’ve always wanted a President that sees bogeymen under the bed and isn’t afraid to leap on to Twitter at six in the morning to tell the world.

“I’ve got to say, none if you are talking about his right-wing policies, so old Deflecting Donald is doing a brilliant job as far as I’m concerned.”

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