Fire service reports staff morale at all time high after firefighters tackle blaze at cannabis factory

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West Midlands Fire Service bosses noted a sudden rise in staff happiness levels on Saturday night after employees attended a fire at a so-called cannabis factory.

Station manager Williams told reporters, “We dispatched a team on Saturday night to an address on Walsall Wood High Street in response to reports of a fire and some ‘lovely smelling’ smoke.

“I am proud to report that my team arrived promptly and were able to bring the fire under control within minutes, despite some neighbours and passers-by getting in the way and telling them to ‘chill and let the ganja blaze, man’, whatever that means.

He continued, “After successfully extinguishing the blaze my team returned to the station in a somewhat giggly state after three hours, having evidently stopped off at Tesco express to stock up on some Pringles, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a DVD copy of ‘The Big Lebowski’.

“I’ve never seen them in such high spirits after a job. It warmed my heart so see such high levels of job satisfaction, even though the building had no people inside and it was a relatively small fire.”

He added, “And the brave lads even managed to rescue a few plants and bring them back to the station, where they will be kept safely until we are able to hand them over to the police in due course.

“They’ve said they will probably do that tomorrow, and I see no reason at all to doubt them.”