Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour rebels ‘Another 616 rebellions and you’re out!’

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has warned those Labour MPs who last week defied the Whip over Brexit that they face disciplinary action should they rebel another 616 times.

Since 1983 Corbyn has defied the party Whip on 617 occasions.

Diane Abbott has been separately warned that in addition, she faces sanctions should she miss crucial votes due to 200 migraine ‘incidents’.

Although some political commentators argue that the move is to avoid any further shadow cabinet sackings, others say it suggests that Mr Corbyn is preparing to remain leader for a very long time.

It is reported that he is an admirer of eighty-two-year-old Emperor Akihito of Japan who has been on the throne since 1989 and is having difficulty in abdicating.

Some Labour MPs are said to be fearful that the party will lose the two upcoming by-elections on 23rd February.

Aides to the leader are suggesting that if that does happen, Mr Corbyn will argue that is because some Labour MPs were fearful that the party would lose the by-elections on 23rd February.

“Jeremy didn’t even want the by-elections on the 23rd of February,” said one Labour party insider.

“He wanted a later date.

“He insisted the 29th February would have been ‘just brilliant’.”