Middle-class actors struggling to get parts in Ken Loach films

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A so-called ‘class-ceiling’ is preventing middle-class actors from starring in Ken Loach films, it has emerged.

The eighty-year-old director has been accused of shunning plummy-voiced Rada toffs in favour of ‘untried’ actors with proper talent.

Meanwhile, ‘nonsense’ films such as the Bafta award-winning I, Daniel Blake have been slammed for ignoring the very real difficulties the ‘squeezed middle’ face when accessing food banks.

Toff actor Tom Hiddleston said, “I auditioned for the part of Daniel Blake, but failed to make it through the audition because Loach caught me eating grilled halloumi with crushed avocado.

“I dream about eking out a miserable existence on the breadline, so for me, Kenny’s films are a form of escapism.”

Film expert, Simon Williams, said, “Over-privileged actors are routinely forced to lie about their backgrounds to secure roles such as ‘Scag Dealer #2 on run-down sink estate’.

“There is a very real danger that attending an elite public school paid for by wealthy parents could see you barred from the social realism genre for your entire career.”

Last night, leftie scum Loach called for more working class talent to be recognised with the introduction of a new Bafta award entitled “Best supporting actor who has never eaten hummus”.