Trump signs Executive Order to review the Ten Commandments

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Donald Trump has taken the first steps towards relaxing The Bible’s regulations on morality.

Mr Trump has signed an executive order to launching a review into the 10 Commandments which will be conducted by a specially appointed panel, whose members have been handpicked by the President.

Those who have been invited to take part include retired Ku Klux Klan commander Tommy Zeiss and financier James Berstone – credited with playing a key role in the collapse of Wall Street in 2008.

Mr Trump stressed the process of constructing a new moral code was complex and would take a great deal of time.

The panel has been informed the President is prepared to wait until Thursday to hear their recommendations.

But sources claim the panel won’t be able to meet for the first time until Tuesday as Mr Berstone is currently out of the country.

In fact, he has been out of the country since 2008 when he fled to Panama to avoid prosecution. However, Mr Trump has now issued a formal pardon to speed along his review.

White House insiders claim the new moral code of conduct will be known as ‘Donald Decrees’.

Explaining the need for a review Mr Trump told reporters, “I agree there is only one God. However, me and The Bible disagree on his identity.

“The Good Book thinks it’s some guy with a big beard living in the clouds. Modesty forbids me from publicly revealing my candidate.

“And the stuff about false witness against your neighbour? That’s clearly a fake news jibe about Mexico dreamt up by the ancient liberal elite.”