Donald Trump asks Michelle Obama to stay on as First Lady

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President-elect Donald Trump has countered accusations of nepotism by offering the role of First Lady to Michelle Obama. 

Trump is said to be angered by recent claims that he is looking to put family members into key government positions and is understood to be reluctant to show favouritism to his wife Melania by handing her the high-profile role.

“Michelle’s very experienced,” said Trump.

“She’s being doing the job for eight years and knows where the kitchen is and where the towels are kept.

“It’ll take years for Melania to work all that stuff out, so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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“I’m told that putting members of my family in important positions is unethical just because I wanted to put my 10-year old son Barron in charge of Homeland Security, well maybe this will keep do-gooders happy.”

Some advisors also believe that retaining Obama in the role of First Lady may help enhance Trump’s standing amongst African Americans.

“Michelle is hugely popular in the country,” says political analyst Simon Williams.

“And having an African American in a high profile role can’t do any harm. As we saw during the campaign Melania has a tendency to repeat what Michelle says anyway, so why not go for the original?”

However, Michelle Obama has confirmed that she is not interested in staying on as First Lady.

“I can’t think of anything worse,” she told reporters.

“Living in the White House with that horrible man. No thank you.”

Melania Trump added, “Same.”

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