Monday 28 November 2016 by Danny Soz

Remainers call for Brexit reversal under the Duckworth-Lewis method

Remainer demands duckworth-lewis recount on referendum

There are growing calls from a number of people who voted to remain in The European Union, for the result of last June’s referendum to be overturned under the so-called, Duckworth-Lewis method.

Duckworth-Lewis is a mathematical formulation designed to calculate the winner in any contest when you simply can’t face trying to reach its logical conclusion.

A spokesman for the pressure group, “For Duck’s Sake”, who are the driving force behind the proposed move, said last night, “Using the Duckworth-Lewis method, we have calculated, that had the abstainers voted in the referendum, the result would have been overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU.

“We have carefully factored in extenuating circumstances that may have affected the voting turnout, such as heavy rain in the Manchester area, bad light in Cumbria – which may have kept the elderly and the short-sighted from going out to vote, and, of course, drunkenness in a number of areas in Scotland.

“The end result is, that under Duckworth-Lewis, Britain would have voted to Remain, with by 67% of the vote and just 33% opting to Leave.

“We have written to The Home Office, demanding that the Brexit decision now be overturned before Article 50 is triggered in March and the ensuing economic shit storm starts to kick in.”

Prominent members of the Leave camp have reacted furiously to the proposal, with interim UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, calling for a “Million Bigot March” on Lords cricket ground later this week.

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