Ambassador’s reception spoilt by c*nts

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An ambassador’s reception at London’s Ritz hotel has been spoilt by the presence of several c*nts.

A number of high-profile cunts attended the lavish bash at which Nigel Farage celebrated getting his country back by handing out Ferrero Rocher chocolates on a tray to a bunch of other cunts.

The reception was hosted by millionaire cunt Aaron Banks and was attended by prominent cunt and UKIP leadership candidate Paul Nuttall.

Anti-Brexit campaigner, Simon Williams, said, “I booked The Ritz as a treat for my elderly mother, but I wouldn’t have come if I had known it was going to be full of cunts.”

Williams, however, strayed into the foyer where he was offered a chocolate by a beaming Mr Farage in mock Ambassador garb.

Williams said, “Why Mr Farage, you are really spoiling us.”

“Don’t mention it,” replied Farage.

But Williams hit back angrily, “No, you cunt, I was parodying the shit advert.

“What I meant was you’ve fucked this country into a cocked hat.”

After giving it some more thought, Williams added, “A brittle exterior with no real substance.

“The chocolates aren’t much better.”

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