Nigel Farage celebrates anti-establishment career with party for millionaire backers at The Ritz

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Nigel Farage has stuck two fingers up to the Westminster elite by inviting many of them to spend the evening amongst his millionaire backers and newspaper proprietor friends at The Ritz.

Farage was celebrating 20 years in politics, during which time he has stood up for the little man by supporting the causes of millionaires and billionaire alike.

Voter Simon Williams, “I like Nigel, he’s a mad of the people, telling it like it is. Just because the people he’s a man of are people like Richard Desmond and Arron Banks shouldn’t distract from his key message.

“Which is that immigrants are bad, obviously.”

Farage himself spoke from the gold-leaf covered stairs inside The Ritz to tell those gathered that his anti-establishment credentials are as strong as ever.

He told guests, “Today the government announced it is borrowing an extra £60bn to cover for a mistake I am responsible for – but that’s ok, because as I look down, I see plenty of genuinely happy faces.

“Yes, mainly because you’re all obscenely wealthy and will be completely unaffected by Brexit, or might even benefit from a few more paper sales, eh Richard?

“Rest assured; the battle is not yet won. Some people still cling to the idea that immigrants can contribute to society – we must do more, we can do more, we WILL do more!”

Farage finished an evening spent reinforcing his anti-establishment credentials by drinking champagne and accepting a large painting of himself shaking hands with a billionaire in a gold-plated lift.

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