Yorkshire man ‘still haunted’ by accidental Rosé purchase in 2004

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A Leeds man remains deeply ashamed after buying a bottle of rosé by mistake in a dimly lit off-licence 12 years ago.

41-year-old Simon Williams claims to have bought the bottle in good faith, blaming inadequate lighting in the shop for what turned out to be a life-changing error.

He explained, “I assumed it was my usual £3.99 bottle of Merlot – a sturdy, masculine red suitable for consumption by adult men at no-nonsense social gatherings. But when I put it on the kitchen table I realised it was anything but.

“I stared at it in complete silence for around 15 minutes. To this day, I’ve no idea what rosé even is, but just looking at it made me feel like Dale Winton in a leotard.

“My wife walked in, looked at me, looked at the bottle and then looked at me again. I knew exactly what she was thinking so I tore off my shirt, wrestled the dog to the floor and punched myself hard in the face – just to prove I’m, you know, normal.

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“She said she wouldn’t tell anyone but the news soon got out and people started putting on a girly voice whenever they spoke to me.

“The whole street still calls me Rosé Si.”