Trump election victory was faked by NASA

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Donald Trump’s election win was a massive hoax staged by the people who brought you the Moon landings, it has emerged.

Senior NASA technician, Chuck Williams, broke ranks last night by claiming the Trump victory spoof was the best since US astronauts didn’t land on the moon almost fifty years ago.

Meanwhile, across the US, pinko leftie bed-wetters are breathing a huge sigh of relief that their access to universal health care and subsidised lubricant remains intact.

Williams insists the election night win was filmed in the same studios as the so-called Apollo mission with Steven Spielberg drafted in as director.

He explained, “Donald Trump was played by a heavily made-up Tom Hanks, and I’m sure you’ll agree Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Hilary Clinton was worthy of an Oscar.”

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Spielberg himself said, “There’s a scene in which Donald Trump says something conciliatory about Muslims, but we’ve saved that for the Director’s Cut.

“You’ll also notice the shadow formed by Donald Trump’s hair is totally wrong for the time of day.”

Williams added, “Come on- did you honestly believe that sixty million people had voted for this piece of shit?

“The reality is that Hillary Clinton romped to victory after voters in Ohio concluded that Trump is a crypto-fascist fuck-nugget unworthy of office.”

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