Tuesday 8 November 2016 by Gary Stanton

Americans given historic opportunity to tell Donald Trump to go fuck himself

Donald Trump election

Americans are today being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell Donald Trump to go fuck himself.

According to experts, today’s vote is less an opportunity to select the leader of the free world, so much as the chance to remind Donald Trump what an arsehole they all think he is.

Democratic countries around the globe are today united in telling Americans they have a unique chance to show the world that they have the ability to guide a leading nation in the direction of societal harmony, equality for all, and telling racists to go fuck themselves.

US political expert, Chuck Williams, told us, “Setting the persuasive policy arguments made by the candidates to one side, the United States will wake on Wednesday morning to either of two plausible realities.

“One in which the downcast misogynist billionaire leader has been roundly told to fuck the fuck off, or another in which he enjoys a prolonged, ill-tempered orgasm on the Fox News network.”

Williams urged Americans to imagine a forward-looking country in which Donald Trump isn’t constantly forced to appear on the news in order to defend himself against accusation after inevitable accusation of improper behaviour, both privately and professionally.

He concluded, “You can either offer a number of quiet ‘fuck you’s at him many, many times over the next four years, or you can give him one enormous one today.

“Choose wisely.”

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