Tuesday 8 November 2016 by Luke Georghagen

Excitement reaches fever pitch over season finale of hit drama ‘US Election’

2016 Election season finale underway

Fans around the world are braced for the climactic season finale of ‘US Election’ which will screen globally this evening at around 11:00 pm EST.

The saga, which has been dubbed by some as ‘the longest running drama in US television history’, will finally reach its epic conclusion in the early hours of the morning UK time.

However, many commentators have expressed relief at the closing of a series that has outstayed its welcome in the eyes of some viewers.

Having been in the making for over four years, the gripping US drama has seen numerous twists and revelations along its epic timeline, and is well-noted for the ruthless ‘killing off’ of many beloved characters.

But criticisms have increased in recent months as many early fans have abandoned it, openly stating how they feel the show has lost its way.

“For me, they killed off Bernie far too soon,” said notable TV critic and confessed fan Ted M.

“Since then, the show has had a much darker edge, with very few likeable characters left.

“The villains are now a little obvious for me, particularly Donald, who borrows one too many clichés from the archetypal ‘mean businessman’ to be truly credible. I even miss Jeb.”

The drama, which centres on the long, arduous run to become President of a dystopian United States of America, sees the unlikely final contest come down to a head-to-head clash between a bullish reality TV star and technophobe former first lady.

After receiving rave reviews in early screenings, criticism has focussed on the show’s reliance on numerous plot twists and sexual innuendo to maintain viewer interest.

Rumours have intensified that a new British adaptation is in the works, with many calling for an updated series of ‘General Election’ which is due for a reboot since it concluded in May 2015.

“There’s little to suggest the current cast are very popular with British viewers,” added Ted M.

“The writers seem to have given up with our very depressing version of the show, which despite its flaws, makes the US show such a welcome distraction for many.”

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