Further carnage in Syria as Russians accused of dropping Samsung Note 7s on Aleppo

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There was widespread condemnation from human rights organisations last night as news emerged that Russia has been dropping Samsung Galaxy Note 7s on the beleaguered Syrian town of Aleppo.

Humanitarian reports claim a hospital and a school have been destroyed in what is believed to be a Russian airstrike during which clusters of deadly Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones reportedly rained down on civilian areas.

The death toll could be in the hundreds, including a number of schoolchildren and teaching staff as well as hospital patients and medics.

A spokesman for Amnesty International said this morning, “This is a new low for the Russians and a grim reminder that the Syrian government forces and their supporters will stop at nothing to achieve their aims no matter what the human cost.”

There are now moves to outlaw the use of the phones in any theatre of war, with The United Nations calling for them to be included in the Geneva Protocol where they will be bracketed alongside chemical and biological weapons.