Sinister clown shot and killed at branch of McDonalds

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A creepy clown who has been targeting children for over sixty years has been brought down by police after a lengthy manhunt.

Police were first alerted to the clown, who mostly appeared in popular media, shopping malls and motorway service stations, after concerned parents reported he had offered their children ‘suspicious’ foodstuffs and told them there was a’difference you’ll enjoy’.

Believed to be the first example of the recent ‘creepy clown’ craze, the deviant in the suit led police a merry dance, often mocking his pursuers with a hilarious jig in his gigantic clown shoes before being mown down in a hail of lead.

Police report that several other criminals were brought to justice during the investigation, including a notorious food thief known as the Hamburglar who got 18 to life in the state pen and is now a member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

“We’ve been after this freak for a while,” said police marksman Simon Williams.

“The sick weirdo seemed to get some sort of freakish kick out of dressing as a clown and pursuing children with promises he’d make them ‘happy’ if they came with him.

“But he’d never be about when their parents were around. Like he didn’t want them to see him.

“That puppy got what he deserved, and frankly, I’m lovin’ it.”