Man whose house became Pokémon Gym upgrades home security to Fort Knox standards

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42-year-old Simon Williams has been forced to upgrade his home security system due to the threat of Pokémon Go players using his home as a ‘gym’.

Loss-adjuster Williams learned that his house was a Pokémon Gym last week after returning home to find his garden full of teenagers, and even more disturbingly grown men and women engrossed in their mobile phones.

“I thought they were lost at first,” admitted a baffled Williams.

“Or under some sort of trance, as there was zero eye contact, just lots of shouting at screens.

“But more and more kept turning up, like a low-rent version of The Walking Dead.

“I thought maybe I was about to become the victim of the least-stealthy burglary in recorded history – I mean, I know teenagers are lazy, but just hanging around outside my house until I get home and then trying to follow me in through the front door? I’m not stupid.

“If they want to get in here to find their beloved Pokémon, they’ve got another thing coming.”

Williams then went on to describe in great detail the steps he has taken to protect his home from Pokémon Go players, including:

  • New Steel doors to the front at rear
  • Security spikes on all garden fences
  • Fog Horn to disperse unwanted youths

If you have also fallen victim to Poké-truders then luckily for you the full list of measures that can be taken to protect your home can be found on the Security Direct blog.

Intruder Proof your Home Pokemon Go Style

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