Defiant Grandma will still be sending you a £10 cheque this Christmas

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Your nan is determined to continue sending you cheques for very small amounts of money.

With the revelation that only 31% of adults have written a cheque in the last three months and that contactless card payment has become more popular for the first time, good old nan is sticking to her traditional, horrendously inconvenient guns.

“Nothing wrong with a cheque,” beamed Elizabeth King, a 71 year-old Grandma from Norwich.

“They always fit in the Hallmark cards just right, and it teaches you young people some much needed patience while you wait for it to clear.

“Then when the funds are finally made available in your bank, you can go and spend it on sweeties, yo-yos or whatever else takes your fancy from the corner-shop.”

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Elizabeth’s grandson, Jay Cooper, said “I am 17-years-old. I prefer vodka to sweets and I don’t even know what a yo-yo is.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but there’s always a crushing sense of dread when I open the card as I know it’s going to involve physically going to the bank and then waiting for about four decades while the thing clears.

“There is a cash point literally across the road from her. I think she’s just doing it to spite me.”