Mexico beginning to think building a border wall actually a pretty good idea

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Mexico has decided that building a wall if Donald Trump wins the US Presidency would actually be a pretty good idea.

Officials confirmed the change in policy after Trump came to visit Presidente Nieto yesterday, saying that eight billion dollars would be a small price to pay to keep all that crazy out.

Representatives of the US State Department immediately contacted Mexico to ask why they’d want to ban US citizens, and accused the Mexican government of being unhelpful when they laughed down the phone and hung up.

“Trump and the Presidente were talking yesterday and halfway through Presidente Nieto just said ‘Fuck this shit’ and demanded we order a million tons of bricks immediately,” said Government spokesman Simonez Williamsio.

“Then the phone rang and it was the Canadian Prime Minister asking if we’d like to form a buying consortium, as they’d had the same idea.

“Although they said they’d be building most of their wall out of ice once they’ve got the licensing rights issues sorted out.”

Mexico has confirmed the wall will have the added advantage of keeping Richard Hammond from getting in again.

Some Americans have reacted angrily to the suggestion, arguing that the largest US export to Mexico, morbidly obese sex tourists, may be restricted by the move.