Labour members finally realise Owen Smith potentially even shitter than Andy Burnham

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Labour supporters keen to return to the days of an electable leader are starting to come to the horrifying realisation that Owen Smith may even be more shit that Andy Burnham.

“Owen Smith? Yeah, he’s definitely a bit shit,” said lifelong Labour party member Simons Williams.

“I mean, I thought Andy Burnham was shit, and he was, but it really looks like Owen Smith may actually be more shit.”

“To be honest, my two-year-old would make a more convincing leadership challenger and all she does is shout ‘bogies’ at everyone.”

It is starting to become apparent that Labour may be suffering from a deep-rooted case of shitness, the like of which it hasn’t seen since the eighties.

“Yeah, the really worrying thing is that a man who had 80% of his shadow cabinet resign, overwhelmingly lost a no-confidence vote and makes the man from the Go Compare advert look like a credible Prime Minister might be the best that Labour can currently offer.”

With the Labour party currently suffering from a complete dearth of talent, it is understood that next summer’s leadership contest may just be between Jeremy Corbyn and a cardboard cut-out of John Smith.