Donald Trump silences ‘racist’ jibes by sharing platform with Nigel Farage

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Donald Trump has outfoxed those who call him a racist by hiring the least racist person in the UK to share a stage with him.

Trump hopes to win back the US ethnic vote by standing next to Nigel Farage, a man seen by many as a harmless moderate.

The Republican nominee handpicked the non-racist, former UKIP leader after carefully listening to his speeches to ensure there were no dodgy comments about immigrants in them.

Trump also scanned Farage’s recent campaign literature, which, it was widely agreed, was level-headed, proportionate and steered well clear of echoing any Nazi sentiments from the late 1930s.

Blacks and Hispanics, who were previously alienated by some of Trump’s rhetoric, have been charmed by Farage’s liberal, off-the-cuff remarks about Romanians and their willingness to integrate by buying houses in the same street as indigenous whites.

Political analyst, Simon Williams, said, “Trump and Farage are political bedfellows, decent god-fearing folk, who just so happen to have a shared love of the skinhead band Skrewdriver.

“If I was looking for an analogy to describe Nigel Farage’s appearance at a Trump rally, that of a crypto-fascist bluebottle hovering over a Nazi mound of faeces would be the very last one I would choose.”