Thursday 25 August 2016 by Neil Tollfree

Man to deal with sexism on behalf of women

Man to take on sexism

The problem of sexism in society is set to be eradicated after a man has decided to deal with it once and for all.

“Women, bless them, simply aren’t up solving the problem of sexism,” said Simon Williams, a man.

“If they were, then sexism would have been eradicated by now. I’m mean, it’s been, what, two million years? And they still haven’t fully achieved a social or economic parity yet?

“I think it’s clear that dealing with the whole issue of sexism is men’s work.”

Mr Williams has advised women to all curl up in big comfy armchairs with some sort of low-calorie hot chocolate drink and gossip about ponies and boys while he sorts it out.

“With all due respect to the little ladies, dealing with sexism is no place for overly emotional behaviour and accusations of so-and-so being ‘a bit off with me,’ so they should just stay out of it until I let them know that it’s all sorted.”

It was suggested that perhaps having women involved in the eradication might be a good, even necessary state of affairs.

Mr Williams relented slightly, adding, “You’re right, I’ll need someone to make the tea. One woman can be involved.

“And it wouldn’t hurt if she was fit.”

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