Overlook Hotel gets one-star review on Tripadvisor

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Popular holiday review site Tripadvisor has revealed its worst-reviewed hotel is Colorado’s The Overlook, with guests reporting sinister twins, a snide and knowing bartender, and corridors full of blood.

Reviewers described a succession of mishaps, including rooms double-booked with decomposing ambulatory corpses, locks which failed to stay locked, and bathroom doors which were ‘far too flimsy when someone is trying to get in’.

Management described reviews which spoke of a wall off blood pouring down the lift shaft and into the corridor as ‘an exaggeration’ and ‘a housekeeping issue which was quickly resolved’.

The hotel, which advertises itself as a ‘winter retreat for all the family’ has consistently received one-star reviews and is rated as even less good than the Britannia Hotel in Birmingham city centre, which a spokesman for the site described as ‘quite an achievement’.

“Whatever you do, don’t stay when the hotel is holding their ‘midwinter writer’s retreat’ event”, one user wrote, describing how one temperamental author took over a hallway to write what he described as an avant-garde play akin to Samuel Beckett.

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“If they were disturbed there would quite literally be hell to pay,” he added.

Other criticisms of the hotel included the bartender taking more than a professional interest in his guest’s private lives, children bicycling through the corridors, and unspecified complaints about the maze.

“Whatever you do, don’t go in the maze,” said reviewer SWilliams89.

“Take my word for it. Just don’t.”

Management at the Overlook have described the reviews as Internet nonsense and reassured potential guests that if they come and stay they’ll never, ever want to leave.

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