You need to tell more lies about immigrants if you want to win, Farage tells Trump

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told presidential hopeful Donald Trump that in his experience, winning a popular vote requires you having to really double-down on your lies about immigrants.

After addressing a Trump rally in Mississippi, Farage spent some time advising the Trump campaign on the best way to energise the electorate.

“Immigrants; you’ve got to really lay the blame for everything at the feet of the immigrants,” explained Farage.

“I mean, literally, every possible chance you get. Hell, I even used immigrants as the reason I was once late for an interview – there really is no limit to the ways you can blame immigrants.

“If you’ve got people out there who are unhappy – and people are always unhappy about something – just con them into thinking it’s the fault of immigrants, and they’ll vote for you.

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“Crops failing this year? Immigrants. Gas prices on the rise? Immigrants. Taxes too high? Immigrants. Immigrants immigrants immigrants.”

The Trump team have welcomed the advice and have made significant media buys in contested markets to show ads featuring scary-looking immigrants stealing children.

Farage went on, “Nothing gets people to the voting booths faster than the fear of being raped in their sleep by an immigrant who is only here because the current government welcomed them with open arms.

“The only way this plan fails is if the people of America prove they’re not as stupid as the people of Britain.

“And I think we all know how likely that is.”

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