Government happy to take a cheque for Duke of Westminster’s £3.6bn Inheritance tax settlement

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The £3.6bn in inheritance tax expected from the estate of the recently deceased Duke of Westminster will be very welcome indeed, according to Treasury officials today.

Following the death of the billionaire and the UK’s 3rd richest man, his £9bn fortune will be passed to his family, just as soon as the government get the 40% cut they are obviously entitled to.

The philanthropist owned many properties across the UK, including a large proportion of the UK itself, and his family are no doubt keen to settle the tax bill as soon as possible.

His unexpected death means that his 25-year-old son, Hugh, inherits the title and an estate worth £9.8bn, which is obviously a little bit smaller once inheritance tax is taken into account.

A spokesman for the Treasury, Simon Williams told us, “In this new post-Brexit world, every single penny counts.

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“So this £3.6bn will come in very handy – it’s obviously unexpected, so we might even get to postpone a couple of austerity measures.


A Grosvenor family tax representative, explained, “The Grosvenor family are more than happy to pay any inheritance tax that is due.

“Though, to be clear, you and I may have different methods for precisely how that amount is calculated.”

The Treasury’s Williams added, “Look, it would look very, very bad if the richest people in this country didn’t contribute their bit when legally required to do so.

“I’m sure they’re writing the cheque as we speak.”