Christians criticised for failing to publicly denounce actions of paedophile priest

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Christians across the country have been widely accused of supporting kiddy fiddlers after they failed to come out and publicly denounce paedophile priest Philip Temple.

Temple was jailed for 12 years after admitting sexual abuse charges dating back to the 1970s, but most Christians have stayed silent on the matter in what many are calling ‘silent support of his position’.

Bracknell resident Simon Williams told us, “I know a couple of Christians, and I can tell you now they have not been out making public statements about how abhorrent this priest is.

“Maybe they aren’t criticising him because they don’t think what he did was ‘wrong’. Why do you think that is? I can only assume it’s because their religion silently supports kiddy-fiddling.”

“The sooner we learn that all Christians obviously support child abuse, the better and safer we’ll all be.”

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When it was pointed out to Williams that some Catholic groups had spoken out about the actions of Temple, denouncing him and his position as a Christian, Williams responded, “well, they would say that, wouldn’t they.”

“Of course, a few of them will say something, because they have to – it’s a PR exercise.

“I prefer to look at the 99% of Christians that have said nothing whatsoever on the matter. No condemnation, nothing.

“Maureen in accounts, for example, I know she goes to church every Sunday, yet she’s not said a peep to anyone to say Temple is a horrible scumbag who should rot in Hell.

“They all make me sick.”