Donald Trump pushes nostalgia for George W Bush to all time high

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Former moron US President, George ‘Dubya’ Bush, is riding a heady wave of nostalgia thanks to irredeemable gobshite Donald Trump.

After Trump had hinted that gun nuts might take care of Hillary Clinton, the world began to look fondly on a man whose worst crime was the illegal invasion of a country leading to half a million deaths.

Trump’s latest bollocks follow comments about women, Muslims, and rapey Mexicans, leading people to regard George Bush Junior as a likeable simpleton who meant well.

Faced with the prospect of a dangerous lunatic as President, Americans have become dewy-eyed for the world of collapsing skyscrapers, sub-prime mortgages and the erosion of civil liberties to an unprecedented degree.

Political analyst, Simon Williams, said, “Waterboarding, the detention of suspects without charge, fucking up the response to Hurricane Katrina, the greatest depression since 1929, turning a budget surplus into a deficit, increases in child poverty while the rich got tax cuts.

“People would much rather that than a nylon-haired fucknut with his finger on the button.”

He added, “Contrast, for a moment, Trump’s vile bigotry with this piece of wisdom from Bush: ‘It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it’.

“Doesn’t seem so bad now, does he?”