Disney secures movie rights to Brexit aftermath

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Disney will soon be making a movie capturing the joy and magic of Brexit.

The house of mouse sealed the deal early this morning, probably around the time the pound took another nosedive through the fucking floor.

“Who better to tell the story than Disney?” beamed Simon Williams, head of Disney PR.

“We’re going to centre it around a little mouse called Boris, and his rat best friend, Michael.

“Together they hatch a plan to rid themselves and their countrymen of the machinations of the evil European Union, despite the fact they have no idea what to do after that- but we’ll probably end the movie at that point and leave it open for a sequel.

“We’ve already penned instant classic songs like Britain Can Take It, Michael’s Shiny Knife and Look What The Elderly Have Gone and Done“, all real toe-tapping stuff.”

Disney fan, Elizabeth King, said “Meh, why not. I paid to go and see Frozen five or six times, so I’ll doubtless buy a ticket for this one.

“Plus I voted Leave, so I’ll do what I’m told based on spurious marketing anyway.”